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  • 24 Hour Service
  • Breakdown & Accident Towing Assistance
  • Short and Long Distance Vehicle Towing
  • Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Caravans, Machinery

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Tow Call Offers offers a variety of services to the One Mile area:

Roadside Assistance
Tow Call provides basic mechanical services to the One Mile area. Our wide range of vehicles are here to assist.
Get in touch with Tow Call - a local One Mile provider.

Breakdown Assist
Had a break down and need a tow in the One Mile area? Tow Call offers the best and most competitive rates.

Car Towing / Transport
Whether your car has broken down, or you simply need transport in or to the One Mile area, Tow Call has you covered.
We operate in the One Mile area so we know it well. Give us a call anytime with our 24 hour service.

Motorcycle Towing
We transport motorcycles in the One Mile. Whether its a breakdown or just having engine issues. Tow Call have the gear and the know how to transport your motorbike safely from and to the One Mile area.

Accident Towing
Had an unfortunate accident in the One Mile area? Tow Call has the expertise and the right equipment to recover your vehicle.

Container Transport
Tow Call transports all sizes of containers to and from the One Mile area. We make sure to have the right truck for the right job.

Machinery Transport
Tow Call is a transporter of Machinery. If you need machine transport in One Mile don't hesitate to call. Our Tow Trucks make the perfect flatbed for any machinery item.
Common items are Forklifts, Skidsteers, Excavators & Scissor Lifts.

Truck Transport
We have a large range of trucks and equipment (including Super Tilts) to transport your truck from and to the One Mile area.
Call us on 1800 945 586 to find out more on how we can help.