What’s the width, length and height of a tow truck and can they fit in a parking garage?

Author: Tow Call Crew Date: 30-05-2022

Indoor parking areas such as car parks and parking garages can be a hassle to navigate even when your vehicle is in prime working condition. But what about when it isn’t?

Low ceilings, tight spaces, dense parking and numerous barriers can prevent traditional heavy-duty tow trucks from navigating a parking garage — but that doesn’t mean your case is hopeless. Removing a broken-down vehicle that’s stuck in a car park is easy when you use the professional towing services at TowCall.

If you’re wondering, “Can tow trucks fit in a parking garage,” the answer is yes! When you work with TowCall, no parking area is too small for our elite trucks to handle. No matter when or where you are, our fleet of licensed tow trucks is always available and ready to help you out!

TowCall Truck FAQs

Can a tow truck fit in a parking garage?

Yes! Not all tow trucks are ideal for the tight confines of a parking garage, but here at TowCall, we operate a fleet of smaller tow trucks that can get the job done. Our wheel lift tow trucks, for example, fit within the average 2.4M height of most car parks and are small enough to manoeuvre around barriers, turns and other vehicles in the parking centre.

How long is a tow truck?

That depends on the type of truck — luckily, though, we offer a variety of lengths to allow us to meet every need. Our wheel lift trucks are a compact 5.5M (plus the length of the vehicle being towed), while our mid-size trucks are generally around 9M. We even offer super tilt trucks that clock in at an impressive 18M and are perfect for transporting containers and larger vehicles.

How wide is a tow truck?

The average width of most tow trucks is 2.4M, the same size as a standard parking space in Australia.

What tow trucks do you operate?

Here at TowCall, we proudly own and operate a comprehensive fleet of trucks that allow us to perform any towing job you require. Whether we’re extracting your broken-down luxury vehicle from a parking garage, transporting a car or towing heavy machinery to a job site, we have the truck you need. Our fleet includes:

  1. Roadside assist trucks
  2. Low-loaders
  3. Dual cabs
  4. Standard tilts
  5. Medium size tilt trucks
  6. Heavy tilt trucks
  7. Super tilt trucks
  8. Underlift trucks

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