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Accident Towing in Greater Brisbane

Even the most cautious drivers can be involved in a road accident. When this happens, many drivers panic and don't know what to do. The best approach is to call us at TowCall, and we will help you. We are an insured and fully licensed accident towing company in Brisbane.

We operate a 24-hour vehicle towing service that is reliable, prompt, and affordable. Our technicians will rapidly secure the scene for safety and then carefully remove the vehicle, driver, and passengers to a safer place. We have a variety of truck dimensions and sizes to ensure we can attend to your vehicle

What to Do After a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a road accident in Brisbane, here is what you should do.

  1. Stop the car – The first thing you need to do is bring the vehicle to a stop. You should also turn on the hazard lights and move the car to the roadside.
  2. Check on other passengers – If you were in the vehicle with other people, you should check to see if they are OK. If they are injured, you must call an ambulance immediately.
  3. Contact emergency services – If there is damage to property or somebody is injured, you should contact emergency services by calling 000.
  4. Report to the police – If the police do not come to the scene of the accident, you must report the accident within the same day. Once you register the accident, you should write down the police reference number.
  5. Call a car accident towing service – A licensed and insured towing service will remove the vehicle from the accident scene.

Where to Tow a Car After an Accident?

We will tow the vehicle to our closest Depot and then assist you with the Insurance Claims & Repair Process from there. We may then take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop as indicated by you or your insurance policy. The stay at our yard is covered by the cost of towing up to 72 hours. Moreover, there are no hidden fees and no need for membership.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing After an Accident?

Generally, most insurance plans cover towing after an accident, but this depends on your insurance provider. Some insurance providers will send a truck to your location, while others may provide a reimbursement option. In some cases, there may be a reimbursement limit.

Once you contact us, we will help you reach your insurance provider or agent. We will also record all details about the car crash recovery and help you to fill out the insurance form.

Brisbane Accident Vehicle Towing Services You Can Trust

Finding a towing service when your car has been involved in an accident can be challenging. The last thing you need is an unreliable towing company that will be more of a problem than a solution. Fortunately, TowCall can help you if you are in Brisbane. We tow all types of vehicles, such as buses, cars, and motorcycles.

TowCall uses licensed tow trucks to tow a vehicle involved in a car crash. In addition, our drivers, operators, and yard employees are accredited. With TowCall, you can be sure of timely, efficient, and professional tow services.

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We pride ourselves on offering reliable services at competitive rates. When you contact us, please have the following information handy:

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  • Personal details – This includes your phone number and name.

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